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The Coopers of Streatham and Beyond
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The Third Generation

Charles Cooper's Children

Mary Ann Cooper (b 1842)

Born on 18 September 1842 at Hambly Court, Streatham.

Henrietta Elizabeth Cooper (b 1846)

Born at 8.45am on 13 December 1846 at Mitcham Lane, Streatham. Henrietta married James Biddulph (born in Salt Staffordshire) on 25 December 1869 at St James Church, Clapham, Surrey. They had five children:
Sarah Ann Biddulph (b 1870 in Brixton), Wiiliam James (b 1872), Eliza Harriett (b 1877 in Balham ), Bessie Maria (b 1879 in Balham), William Henry (b 1880 in Balham).

Maria Cooper (b 1850)

Born on 11 August 1850. Nothing further known at present. She is shown as a witness to her sister Henrietta's wedding in 1869.

Edward Cooper's Children

Frank Edward Cooper(b 1842)

First son of Edward Cooper by his first wife, Sarah Sandaver, born on 20 November 1842 Frank Edward married Jane in 1870 - registered in the Wandsworth area. His wife's maiden surname is unknown.

1881 Census - Tooting Graveney
Cooper, Frank E, Head of House, Age 38, Male, Bootmaker Master, Born Streatham, Surrey
Cooper, Jane, wife, Age 43, Female, Born Islip, Oxford
Several apprentice Bootmakers also shown on the same premises but no other Coopers shown. No Children ?

Harry Fawcett Cooper(b 1844)

Second son of Edward by his first wife - Sarah Sandaver he was born in Mitcham Lane Streatham on 2 September 1844. He married Elizabeth Durrant at Lambeth in 1872. He was found in the 1881 Census, living in Hawkhurst, Kent, aged 36, Shoe maker. His wife is shown as Elizabeth, aged 33(born approx. 1848), born in Benendon, Kent. It seems that he moved to his wife's family area around 1876. They had three children.
Benjamin - 8, (born 1873), born in Streatham
Harry F - 6, (born 1875), born in Streatham.
Bertha - 4, (born 1877), born in Hawkhurst
Harry Fawcett's middle name is shown as "Fawcett" in one document and "Faucit" in another.The GRO record shows his son's name as "Fossett". It will be interesting to see where the name originated.

Ernest Charles Cooper(b 1854)

The first child of Edward's second marriage (to Anne Maria Bentham). He married Ellen Elizabeth Secker (b 1856) on 1 April 1877, at St Paul's church, St Mary Newington, Surrey. 1854 - Born Streatham, Surrey.
1879 - In March, his son, William Ernest was born(On Birth Cert Ellen's former name shown as Bateman?)
1881 - Census - Living with wife and son William Ernest
1881- Census - Streatham, Croydon Rd - age 27, WireWorker - born Streatham
1891 - Son Alfred Bray born on 19 May 1891 at Colmer Road Streatham
1892 - 14 August 1892 - Witness with his wife to Willie Bray Cooper's marriage
1893 - 1899 - His brother, Willie Bray Cooper, named two of his three children after Ernest and his wife ie. Ernest Edward, and Ellen Agnes.
1901 - Census - His wife (Ellen) living with Willie Bray Cooper, with hers and his sons
1901 Census - 14 Milford Rd, Twickenham
Cooper, William, Head, Marr, 36, Plumber, Streatham, Surrey
Cooper, Ellen, Sister, 41, Laundress, Camberwell, Surrey
Cooper, William, Nephew, Single, 22, Plumbers Mate, Streatham, Surrey
Cooper, Alfred, Nephew, 9, Streatham, Surrey
Cooper, Willie, Son, 7, Streatham, Surrey
Cooper, Ernest, Son, 4, Streatham
Death - Cannot find his death record in years 1892 - 1901 incl. Does not appear in 1901 Census of England and Wales. Looked at all Ernest Coopers in whole Census, aged 40 to 50.

Ellen Elizabeth Secker

Ellen was born at Hoxton, Middlesex to Edward Secker in 1856.She died on 28 December 1928 and was buried in a plot for 5 people, with Willie Bray Cooper, in Isleworth Cemetery. Her youngest son, Alfred Bray Cooper was also buried in the same plot, later, in 1952.

Research required:
Obtain Birth Certs (Ernest and Ellen's)
Look at 1891 Census.
In Scotland?
In Ireland?

What happened to this family and what was the relationship between Willie Bray Cooper and Ellen Elizabeth - were they more than sister and brother-in-law?
Did Ernest Charles leave home and desert his wife?

Annie Maria Cooper(b 1856)

Born in Wandsworth in the March Quarter. She married Arthur J Oldman (born in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire), in 1875 and they had 7 children :Alice A 1876, Arthur W 1877, Lillian M 1881, AlfredE 1883, Florence B, 1885, Edith 1888, Rosaline 1891

Herbert William Cooper(b 1859)

He married Emma (maiden surname unknown)
The 1881 Census shows:
They were living at Streatham - 1 Valley Road
Cooper Herbert W, Head of household, Married, 21, Gardener, Born - Streatham Surrey
Cooper Emma, Wife, 20, Laundress, Born - Horsham Sussex
Cooper Sarah A, Daughter, 2, Born - Streatham Surrey
Cooper Rosetta, Daughter, 6 Mths, Born Streatham Surrey

His son William Charles E Cooper was born in Streatham in 1888

Walter Cooper(b 1861)

Born on 29 July 1861 at Streatham. Shown in the 1881 Census living with his parents Edward and Maria Cooper at 1 Malvern Terrace, Streatham, aged 19, occupation - Painter - born in Streatham, Surrey. Married on 15 July 1882 to Elizabeth Mary Parmenter (b 1863).It is thought that they had 17 children of which 12 survived. They were
Alice Elizabeth(1882), Walter(1883) and Alfred William(1887) born at Streatham, Albert(1891) and Daisy(1894) both born at Anerley, Surrey, William(1895), Sidney(1897), Annie Maria(1898), Jessica(1900) ,Louisa(1903), Hilda Gertrude(1905), Dorothy Frances(1906) all born at Sydenham, Kent.
From the records it would seem that their first child - Alice Eilzabeth was born four months prior to their marriage. Perhaps their parents objected to the marriage but then relented once the first child was born!
Walter died in the Summer of 1929. The family were still living in Sydenham.

Elizabeth Mary Parmenter(b 1863)

Walter's wife was born on 16 August 1863 at 70 Flint St Bromley, Middlesex to James Parmenter, a carpenter, and Sarah Ann (nee Gaskin). She had three sisters - Hannah Sophia(1857), Alice Matilda(1861) and Louisa Harriet(1870). Her younger sister, Louisa Harriet married Alfred Cooper - Walter's younger brother. It is thought that there were other members of the family but no details have as yet been researched.

Willie Bray Cooper Snr(b 1864)

He was born on 6 June 1864 in Streatham, Surrey. British Army Records show:
1885 - He enlisted at Woolwich in Army Service Corps - Commisary HQ. Regimental No 6331. 7 Years with Colours and 5 in the Reserve. Born in Parish of Streatham. Age at Entry, 20yrs 10mths. Trade, Plumber. Address, 15 Wellfield Rd Streatham, Surrey. Description, Height 5ft 4in. Complexion Sallow. Eyes Brown. Hair Dark Brown. Marks Nil. Religion C of E. 1887 - Appoint Lance Corporal(15 Jan)
1887 - Promoted to Corporal(20 Sep) in Dublin
1888 - Promoted to Sergeant(23 Mar)
1892 - Married Annie Berry(b 1868 ?) Marriage Cert shows, Willie, Age 28 bachelor, plumber, 127 Beresford St, St Paul, St Mary Newington. Annie, a spinster, age 24, father John Berry - a Plumber. Witnesses, Ernest and Ellen Cooper husband and wife, brother of Willie and sister-in-law.
1893 - First child - Willie Bray Cooper's Birth Cert shows - Address - 70 Colmer Rd, Streatham
1896 - Second child - Ernest Edward Cooper born on 13 November at 30 Ferrers Rd Streatham
1899 - Third child - Ellen Agnes Cooper, born on 27 February 1899, at 30 Ferrers Rd, Streatham
1900 - Sometime about the turn of the century Willie Bray and his wife Annie separated - The boys - (Willie and Ernest) staying with the father and the girl, Ellen, going with her mother. Willie Bray appears to have set up house with another woman but it is not certain what her name was.

In 1911 Willie Bray Cooper (Snr) died. His death Certificate shows that he died of "General Paralysis of Insane" at the Middlesex County Asylum at Springfield. His usual residence is shown as 42 North Street, Isleworth. He was buried in Isleworth Cemetery.

Annie Berry (b 1868?)

Annie Berry is reported to have married Edward Parsons and as can be seen from her Family Tree she had three children - but the details of descendants is only known of Emily Parsons - known as Aunty Emmy. The other two children, Edward and Ena, were adopted out, through the Barnardos Homes organisation, when Annie Berry died. It is not known yet when she died.

Alfred Cooper(b 1866 - 1954)

Army Records:
Regimental No 1127, Born in Streatham, joined the Devonshire Regiment - attested at London on 1st January 1885 at the age of 19 years and 3 months. Whilst in the Army he qualified as a "Serjeant Instructor in Musketry", capable of instructing in the use of the Maxim and Nordenfelt Machine Gun. Whilst he was stationed in Peshawar, India on he was admitted to the "Third Degree of the United Grand Lodge of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of England in the light of the Himalayas Lodge No 1448 at Murree, India" on 9 October 1894 and admitted to the "Grand Lodge of Mark Masters of England and Wales, the Colonies and possessions of the British Crown" on 1st June 1895 in the Frontier Lodge at Peshawar, India
The following photo shows Sergeant Alfred Cooper (on the right, standing), in India in 1894 - with three of his fellow Sergeants from the Devonshire Regiment.. They are, from the left - Sgts Goodchild, Greene and Burchell. The dog's name is unknown.

He served for 22 years and 15 days and was awarded the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. On discharge from the Army his rank was Colour Sergeant, he had served 4 years and 41 days abroad. He was discharged at Exeter on 15 January 1907. He was discharged at the age of 40 years and 3 months, height 5 ft 9 inches, complexion fresh eyes brown, trade - Labourer. Intended place of residence - 29 Trafford Road, Thornton Heath, Croydon. His discharge papers showed that he had an "Exemplary character and was a good and reliable clerk"
He married Louisa Harriet Parmenter(b 1870) - (sister of Elizabeth Mary Parmenter)- in Alexandria, Egypt whilst Alfred, was serving with the Devonshire Regiment - on 11 January 1892. They had 7 children two of whom died at very early ages. George Alfred(1892) at Alexandria, Egypt; Marion(1894) at Glianial, Murree, India; Eva(1895), at Charat Hills, India; Milred(1896), Louisa Sophie(1898), Lucy(1901),Alfred Edward(1903) at Exeter. Both George Alfred and Eva died under one year old. Alfred and his wife returned to England from various postings with the British Army and lived for a time in Exeter, Devon and then moved back to the family area of Streatham. During the perid 1905 - 1907 he lived at Woodland Cottage, Mitcham Lane, Streatham.
The family then decided to emigrate to New Zealand. Alfred and his daughter, Marion, travelled to New Zealand in 1912. His wife, Louisa Harriett, with the other children, Milred, Louisa, Lucy, and Alfred Edward travelled on the ship,"Ruahine", which arrived in Wellington on or about 7 October 1914, Louisa's 16th birthday. (The name of the ship and details of the arrival dates have not yet been confirmed) They then travelled on to Auckland by train. This was thought to be the last passenger ship that left England before the outbreak of WWI.
Alfred worked at Cook's Ice Cream in Queens Street (the main street in Auckland), close to Custom Street. During the Depression that job collapsed and after his son, Alfred Edward, married Dorothy Rich his parents gave up their Alma Street, Newmarket, Auckland house and moved to Brookby Road, Clevedon (a small town south of Auckland) to live with their daughter, Milred.
Alfred died on 19 February 1954, at the age of 87, of a Stroke. He had spent his last days at a Nursing Home in Papatoetoe, South Auckland.
This Certificate was issued to him on his acceptance into the United Grand Lodge of Ancient and Free Masons.

Louisa Harriet Parmenter(b1870)

Alfred's wife, daughter of James Parmenter, a Carpenter and Sarah Ann Gaskin, was born at 2 Danbrook Road, Lower Streatham, on 12 November 1870. She went with her husband on the various Army postings and eventually travelled to New Zealand to join him in 1914.
She died on 20 March 1939, at the age of 68, at home at Brookby Road, Clevedon having suffered Diabetes for a period of 3 years. She had three sisters and possibly other members of the family. Her sister, Elizabeth Mary married Alfred's older brother - Walter Cooper.

Lucy Cooper's Children

All four children are shown in the 1851 Census as living with their parents in Mitcham Road, Streatham and all were born in Streatham.

Robert Sandaver(b 1844)

Ellen Sandaver(b 1846)

Kate Sandaver(b 1848)

William Sandaver(b 1850)