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Edwin Arthur Cooper

Born 28 MAY 1932, Feltham, Middx, UK

Child of Willie Bray Cooper and Annie Maria Cooper

Married Wendy Joyce Clifton, 16 DEC 1972, Masterton, NZ
Children Scott Clifton Cooper, Jonathan David Cooper

Ancestor Chart

Born in Feltham, in the Borstal Officer's Quarters. Mother died when a ge 5. Family transferred to CampHill Borstall on the Isle of Wight. S ent to Home for motherless children in Ealing which was run by a Church organisation. At the outbreak of war(WW2) evacuated to a small village called Wendover in Buckinghamshire. Taken to Isle of Wight where fathe r had re-married to Nancy Cox. Sent to Duke of York's Royal Military S chool which at that time (1942) had been evacuated to a Hotel on the co ast of North Devon - Saunton Sands Hotel just a couple of miles from Br aunton(nr Barnstaple). Spent the next 8/9 years there. learned to play the flute in the fife section of the School's band. Sat a number of B ritish Army exams and ended with passing the Special Army Certificate - which equated to Entrance for some Universities. Sat London University Matriculation exam but failed in one subject - Maths - this was in Jan uary 1949 shortly after Appendix operation. Also sat and passed the San dhurst Military Academy Entrance - but failed the aptitude course. Afte r failure to gain entrance to Sandhurst was advised to enter Army "in t he ranks". Advice from school and father. Joined Army - "took the King' s shilling" and selected the Royal Artillery ( father's preference). Dr afted to Oswestry - on Welsh border - to a training camp.