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Edith Phillips

Died 12 FEB 1965, Park Island, Napier, NZ

Child of Edmund Phillips and Eve Morgan

Ancestor Chart

EDITH PHILLIPS (1879 - 1965)
Edith Phillips - Known in the family as Auntie Edie Edith Phillips was t he second eldest of the Phillips children - born on 3 January 1879 at M angaroa, Upper Hutt she would have been just three when her father left home and 15 when her step-father died in 1894 - and would have been re quired to help in the house and look after the youngest children - Arth ur, Albert, Lillie and Ernest aged between eleven and five, whilst Eve, Edwin(17) and William(14) worked.
Known to have been engaged to a soldier who did not return from the Fir st World War, she was a family stalwart who was always ready to help ot her members of the family when required. She was never married although for some unaccountable reason for two elections (1911 and 1914) the El ectoral Rolls show her occupation as "married"
As can be seen from a number of the family's marriage certificates she a cted as witness at a number of the family's weddings. Although official ly her name was Phillips she adopted the family name of Clifton at a fa irly early stage in Napier.
She lived for some time with her mother at 86 Carlyle St, Napier but al so worked at the Napier Woollen Mills. She moved to 108 Carlyle Street s ome time between 1931 and 1935. She looked after and raised Stanley Ray mond Martin when his mother Lillie Clifton died in 1925 because he was o nly 14 and his father, Robert William Martin was a seaman.
She moved in with Ernest Clifton at 3 Moeller St, Greenmeadows after hi s first wife Amelia (Millie) died in 1948.
She died on 12 February 1965 at the age of 86 after being admitted to N apier Hospital from her Moeller Street home.