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William Edmund Phillips

Born 19 OCT 1880, UPPER HUTT

Child of Edmund Phillips and Eve Morgan

Ancestor Chart

William Edmund Phillips, known in the family as Wheeler was Eve and Edm und's third child, born in Upper Hutt on 19 October 1880, just after Ed mund had absconded. He is shown living at home with his mother at 86 Ca rlyle St in the Electoral Rolls of 1905 and 1908 - his occupation - lab ourer.
On 6 September 1907, just before his 27th birthday, Wheeler was admitte d to Wellington Mental Hospital (known also as Mount View Lunatic Asylu m - where his stepfather, Samuel Clifton, had been in 1894). The record s of Porirua Hospital show that:
Prior to his admission to Wellington Hospital he was detained in the Na pier Police Station and application for committal was made on 4 Septemb er 1907. No clear diagnosis was stated at the time except that in 1910 h e was classified as a 'medium grade imbecile'. This would now be called 'paranoid schizophrenia'. Mount View closed down in 1910 and he was tr ansferred to Porirua Hospital on 23 May 1910. His relatives, in particu lar his sister, Edith, supported him right through his stay at both hos pitals by taking him out on leave and sending him parcels.
Wheeler died on 3 June 1968 at the age of 87 and was buried in Porirua C emetery.