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Willie Bray Cooper

Born 2 JUN 1893, 70 Colmer Road, Streatham, London
Died 31 MAR 1976, Cowes, Isle of Wight

Child of Willie Bray Cooper and Annie Berry

Married Annie Maria Cooper, 31 JUL 1920
Children Margaret Annie Cooper, William Ernest Cooper, Sheila Dorothy Cooper, Cyril Bray Cooper, Doreen Gertrude Cooper, John David Cooper, Edwin Arthur Cooper, Elizabeth Mary Cooper, Albert Edward Cooper Bow

Married Annie Cox, 23 NOV 1943, Newport Registry Office, Isle of Wight

Ancestor Chart

Born on 2 June 1893 at 70 Colmer Road, Streatham, to Willie Bray Cooper (Snr) and Annie Berry.
The family moved from Colmer Road when he was young and his parents ran a Laundry in Star Lane in Isleworth. At the age of 17 he joined the B ritish Army and became a Gunner in the Royal Horse Artillery.
Army records show:
Regimental No: 63136.
He enlisted at London on 31 October 1910
He gave two addresses when he enlisted, presumably because his parents h ad separated.
His father was at 42 Marsh Rd, Isleworth, Middlesex and his mother at 8 Wentwaorth Rd Croydon, Surrey. He gave his father's name as William Br ay, mother as Ellen Bray, brother as Ernest Bray
and sister as Nellie
His occupation on enlistment was given as a "Beer Bottler". His physic al attributes were shown as - Height 5 ft 8, Complexion fresh, eyes gre y, hair brown.
On 1 December 1910 he obtained his Third Classs Certificate of Educatio n at the Artillery Depot at Woolwich.
At about this time his father would have been admitted to hospital wher e he died 12 November 1911.
In 1913 he was posted to India. He travelled out there on the Troopship "HT Dongola" and as the " The Dongola Gazette" newsletter shows it rea ched Aden on its way to India at 1am on 6 December 1913 and travelled a cross the Indian Ocean.
On 5 November 1914 he obtained his Second Class Cert of Education at No uhera(?), India. He served for several years at Peshawar (as did his un cle Alfred before him) with 'M' Battery where he was a Pay Clerk and th en a Supervisor in Military Accounts. He was awarded the British War M edal.
He terminated his Active Service with the Army on 2 January 1920. He w as still attached to the Army until October 1922 because he served a fu rther two year in the Reserve.
His Discharge papers show a character reference for future employment. I t shows "has been honest, sober and intelligent. Recommended for any p osition of trust - Exemplary".
His military service comprised:
Home - 31/10/1910 - 21/11/1913 - 3 yrs
India - 22/11/1913 - 4/12/1919 - 6 yrs
Home - 5/12/1919 - 1/1/1920. - 2 mths
Total of 9 yrs 62 days.
1920 - Married Annie Maria Cooper - 1920/SEP/LEWISHAM/1d/2758
1943 - Married Annie Cox(Nancy) - St Cath rec - 1943/12/I.Wight/2b/1358 Previously married to LUPTON?
1950 - Moved from Camphill to Cowes
In the early 1960s he visited John and went to see his half-sister (Emi ly?) in MITCHAM COMMON.
The woman that his father lived with - he called her his aunt.