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Willie Bray Cooper

Born 6 JUN 1864, Streatham, London
Died 12 NOV 1911, Springfield Asylum

Child of Edward Cooper and Maria Anne Bentham

Married Annie Berry, 14 AUG 1892, ST PAULS S.MARY NEWINGTON, LONDON
Children Willie Bray Cooper, Ernest Edward Cooper, Ellen Agnes Cooper

Ancestor Chart

Willie Bray COOPER(Snr) - born 1864
1885 - Enlisted at Woolwich in Commissariat and Transport Corps 8/7/188 5 - Commisary HQ at Woolwich. Regimental No - 6331
7 Years with Colours and 5 in the Reserve
Born in Parish of Streatham - Age at Entry - 20yrs 10mths
Trade - Plumber
Address - 15 Wellfield Rd Streatham, Surrey
Description - Height 5ft 4in...Complexion Sallow...Eyes Brown...Hair Da rk Brown..
.Marks Nil...Religion C of E. Was still 5' 4" when discharged from Army in 1992.
Obtained 4th, 3rd and 2nd class Certificate of Education 24/8/1885 and 2 /10/1885, 29/1/1889
1886 - Stationed at Thorncliffe
1887 - Stationed at Dublin, Appointed Lance Corporal(15 Jan), promoted t o Corporal 20 Sep
1888 - Stationed at Curragh Camp, Dublin. Promoted to Sergeant(23 Mar) - No 28 Company - Commissariat and Transport Corps.
1889 - Stationed at Curragh Camp. Serving in Army Service Corps, Army H Q. Returned to Woolwich, 31/1/1889.
1892 - Married - Marr Cert - Age 28 bachelor, plumber, 127 Beresford St , St Paul,St Mary Newington, Witnesses - Ernest and Ellen COOPER( Willi e Bray Cooper's eldest brother and his wife.
1893 - Willie Bray COOPER(Jnr)'s Birth Cert - Addr - 70 Colmer Rd, Stre atham
Isleworth Cemetery near the West Middlesex Hospital (Middlesex County Asylum) - don't know if Dad 's mother or step-mother buried there.
"Mum's Father(Willie Bray Cooper) was a Mason for Richmond Lodge, Londo n" Wendy Archer(Ellen Agnes Cooper's daughter.
"Dad said that his parents had a Laundry in the Isleworth area" John Da vid Cooper - confirmed by Shirley Archer.
Springrove Laundry(Home Laundry) - Star Lane, Isleworth.
Buried with Willie Bray Cooper in Isleworth Cemetery. In a plot for 5 t here are 3 buried - Willie Bray Cooper(Snr)(1911) Ellen Elizabeth Coope r(1928) and Alfred Bray Cooper(1952). These are the wife and son of hi s brother Ernest Charles Cooper. Why were they in particular buried wi th him? Who was supposed to be buried there(5)? Who purchased the plot ?
Have a look at the 1991and 1901 Census?
When did Ernest Charles Cooper die?
Ernest Charles Cooper had first child - William Ernest in 1879 - were t here other children born between then and 1891 - when Alfred Bray Coope r born?
1901 Census - 14 Milford Rd, Twickenham
Cooper, William, Head, Marr, 36, Plumber, Streatham, Surrey
Cooper, Ellen, Sister, 41, Laundress, Camberwell, Surrey
Cooper, William, Nephew, Single, 22, Plumbers Mate, Streatham, Surrey
Cooper, Alfred, Nephew, 9, Streatham, Surrey
Cooper, Willie, Son, 7, Streatham, Surrey
Cooper, Ernest, Son, 4, Streatham