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Annie Berry

Born 1868, Marylebone, London.

Child of John Berry and Maria Berry

Married Edward Parsons
Children Edward Parsons, Ena Parsons, Emily Parsons

Married Willie Bray Cooper, 14 AUG 1892, ST PAULS S.MARY NEWINGTON, LONDON
Children Willie Bray Cooper, Ernest Edward Cooper, Ellen Agnes Cooper

Ancestor Chart

Annie Berry - w/o Willie Bray COOPER - Born 1868 ?
See notes on Willie Bray COOPER(1)
Need to look at the Census records for 1871, 1881 and 1891 to see if th is coincides with the data on the Marriage Cert of 1892.
According to Betty, - Ellen Agnes COOPER (Annie Berry's daughter) was n amed after her mother.
Buried in Isleworth(accord to John)
When Willie Bray Cooper and Annie Berry separated - later Annie Berry m arried Edward PARSONS. She had three children by PARSONS - Edward and E na(twins) and Emily.
The twins were adopted as toddlers when Annie Berry died. They were ad opted through the Dr Barnardos Homes.
Parsons' people came from Seven Oaks in Kent and were farmers
Annie Berry - Died in 1911 ?? - Bill
Birth Certs obtained : -
1868/June/Berry, Annie Emily/ Lambeth/ 1d/441? - Mother - Elizabeth Aug usta
1868/Mar/Berry, Annie Ellen/Wandsworth/1d/612 - Mother - Martha
1866/Mar/Berry, Anne/ St Saviour, Surrey/ - Mother - Eliza
1867/Jun/Berry, Ann Elizabeth/ Clerkenwell/ - Mother - Esther Ann
1866/Mar/Berry, Anne Lydia/Pancras/ - Mother - Ann
None of these considered to be the correct one for our Annie Berry
1881 Census:
Annie not found with Maria and/or John Berry.
The following is a possible entry for them ?:-
1881 Census:
Are these Annie Berry's parents:
Ref 0180/119/58, Middlesex - London St Pancras, 57 William Street
Berry, John, Head, Marr, 44, Male, Tailor, (born)SHR/Ludlow
Berry, Maria, wife, Marr, 48, Fem, Dressmaker, (born)SUF/Dennington
1881 Census:
There is an entry showing an Annie Cooper staying as a visitor with a w oman in Cotton, Suffolk
This entry shows her as 12 yrs old, a visitor, born in London, London, M iddlesex. The Head of the House is Mary Anne Bloomfield, aged 77.
A second entry showing an Annie Cooper, staying as a boarder with a wom an, Ann Woodyard, aged 28 - in Ipswich St Margaret, Suffolk, her age s hown as 15, born in London.
----------------------------------------------------------------------- --- ------------------------------------------------------------------- -
1892 Annie Berry's Marriage Cert details(to Willie Bray Cooper Snr]:
Date of Marriage = 14 Aug 1892
Name = Annie Berry
Age = 24
Address = 124 Beresford Street
Father = John Berry, Plumber
Reg Dist = St Saviour, London
1901 Census:
25, Marion Road Lonesome, Mitcham, Surrey
Ellen Cooper aged 2
Annie Cooper aged 32 born Marylebone, London a laundress
Maria Berry aged 62 mother born Mitcham Surrey a shopkeeper
Based on these records Annie Berry was born between 15 Aug 1867 and 31 M arch 1869.
Annie Berry died of ulcerated legs - accord to Wendy Archer
The Berry family came from Suffolk, they had a farm and her father also preached in village church, Finningham, Suffolk.