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Annie Maria Cooper

Born 1 MAY 1898, Sydenham, Kent
Died 29 APR 1938, Hounslow Hospital, London

Child of Walter Cooper and Elizabeth Mary Parmenter

Married Willie Bray Cooper, 31 JUL 1920
Children Margaret Annie Cooper, William Ernest Cooper, Sheila Dorothy Cooper, Cyril Bray Cooper, Doreen Gertrude Cooper, John David Cooper, Edwin Arthur Cooper, Elizabeth Mary Cooper, Albert Edward Cooper Bow

Ancestor Chart

Born on 01 May 1898, at 11 Rosamond St, Wells Rd, Sydenham, to Walter a nd Elizabeth Mary Cooper(nee Parmenter). She was the eighth of twelve c hildren. It is said that she was a twin with the other child being sti ll-born.
She had a heart problem(Peggy). Both she and Willie Bray Cooper(Jnr) w ent to cinema raining - chilled both ende up in hospital with pneumonia - Annie Maria died - Willie Bray Cooper(Jnr) still in hospital. Funer al arrangements and children cared for by Aunt Dorothy