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Margaret Annie Cooper

Born 10 MAR 1921
Died 20 APR 2015, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Child of Willie Bray Cooper and Annie Maria Cooper

Married Stephen Shaydak, 19 JUL 1941, Newport Registry Office, Isle of Wight
Children Sharon Shaydak, Robert Stephen Shaydak

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Born in 4 Plane St. Sydenham - our Grandparents house - Mum's parents(Walter Cooper and Elizabeth Mary Parmenter). She moved with the family to Feltham when she was one month old in 1921.
She left home soon after her mother(Annie Maria Cooper(1898) died in 1938.
She married Steven Shaydak in 1943 in Newport, Isle of Wight and moved to Winnipeg , Canada when the war ended.