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Albert Edward Cooper Bow

Born 19 FEB 1936

Child of Willie Bray Cooper and Annie Maria Cooper

Married Evelyn Betty Brazier, 21 AUG 1965, Ashwell, Hertfordshire
Children Peter Bow, Sally Bow

Ancestor Chart

Adopted by the BOW family at age 2 when Annie Maria COOPER died - 1938
Lives in Stalham, Norfolk Broads, UK
GRO Index Birth 3/1936 Staines 3a/37
GRO Index Marr 1965/Sep/Bow, Albert E C - /Brazier /HITCHIN /4B/406 -
Cared for by Mr and Mrs Bow after his mother - Annie Maria Cooper died i n 1938 but was not adopted until 24 March 1944 - when his father - Will ie Bray Cooper re-married.