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Walter Cooper

Died 1929, Lewisham, Surrey

Child of Edward Cooper and Maria Anne Bentham

Married Elizabeth Mary Parmenter, 15 JUL 1882, ST LUKE'S NORWOOD LAMBETH
Children Alice Elizabeth Cooper, Walter Cooper, Alfred William Cooper, Albert Cooper, Daisy Cooper, William Cooper, Sidney Cooper, Annie Maria Cooper, Jessica Cooper, Louisa Cooper, Hilda Gertrude Cooper, Dorothy Frances Cooper, Martha May Cooper

Ancestor Chart

1881 Census:
Streatham, 1 Malvern Tce, Cooper Walter, Son of Edward Cooper, Unmarrie d, Age 19, Painter, born Streatham, Surrey.
1901 Census :
Walter Cooper, 44, Streatham, Surrey
Elizabeth Cooper, 42, Bow, Essex
Alice Cooper, 20, Streatham, Surrey
Walter Cooper, 18, Streatham, Surrey
Albert Cooper, 10, Anerley, Surrey
Daisy Cooper, 7, Anerley, Surrey
Willie Cooper, 6, Sydenham, Kent
Sydney Cooper, 4, Sydenham, Kent
Anne M Cooper, 3, Sydenham, Kent
Jessie Cooper, 6months, Sydenham, Kent
Walter Cooper (Snr) died in Summer of 1929. they lived in Sydenham.
"There were 17 children with 3 sets of twins. Mum's twin died at birth and I assume the other two sets died either at birth or shortly after. There are spaces where there could have been" - Peggy
List of children - according to Aunt Hilda:-
Alice, Walter, Daisy, Alfred, Martha May(lost), Ernest(lost), Albert, W illiam, Sidney, Annie Maria(with still-born twin boy, Jessica, Louisa, H ilda, Dorothy plus one other still-born child. (16 total).
1901 Census - 16 Rosamund St, Lewisham
1929 GRO Death Index - 1929/June/Cooper, Walter, 67, Lewisham, 1d/1057
Walter Cooper(b 1861)
Born on 29 July 1861 at Streatham. Shown in the 1881 Census living with his parents Edward and Maria Cooper at 1 Malvern Terrace, Streatham, a ged 19, occupation - Painter - born in Streatham, Surrey. Married on 15 July 1882 to Elizabeth Mary Parmenter (b 1863).It is thought that they had 17 children of which 12 survived. They were
Alice Elizabeth(1882), Walter(1883) and Alfred William(1887) born at St reatham, Albert(1891) and Daisy(1894) both born at Anerley, Surrey, Wil liam(1895), Sidney(1897), Annie Maria(1898), Jessica(1900) ,Louisa(1903 ), Hilda Gertrude(1905), Dorothy Frances(1906) all born at Sydenham, Ke nt.
From the records it would seem that their first child - Alice Eilzabeth was born four months prior to their marriage. Perhaps their parents ob jected to the marriage but then relented once the first child was born!
Walter died in the Summer of 1929. The family were still living in Syde nham.