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Daisy Cooper


Child of Walter Cooper and Elizabeth Mary Parmenter

Married William Walter Walker, 1914
Children William W R Walker, Sidney Walker

Married William Herbert Dempster, 1919
Children Bertie W Dempster, Marguerite E A Dempster, Phyllis J Dempster, Edward Dempster, Constance W Dempster, Daisy Dempster, Patricia Dempster, Ronald Dempster, Julia F Dempster

Ancestor Chart

Daisy married William Walter Walker in 1914.

They had a son in October 1914, William Walter Robert Walker in Isleworth.

Daisy's husband enlisted in the Army on 13 April 1915 - Regimental number 19432 in The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry - at Hounslow, age 23. His height was 5ft 3in. On 25 May 1915 he was discharged from the Army - Valvular disease of the heart at the Military Hospital, Falmouth.

His second son Sidney was born in 1917.
He rejoined the Army at Norwood and served with 11th Battalion of The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment). Regimental number 53198. He died on 18 September 1918 at Flanders.

The record showing his death also says "Formerly S4/128079, RASC. MM"
What does this mean ? Had he previously served in the Royal Army Services Corps. Was he awarded the Military Medal ?

After the war (1919) Daisy married William Herbert Dempster and had eight children - Bertie W (1920), Marguerite E A (1923), Phyllis J (1925), Edward (1926), Constance W(1928), Daisy (1930), Julia F (1934) and Patricia (1938). All of the children's births were registered in the Brentford (Northern London) area.

They lived at 4 Plane St, Sydenham and then at 113 Worple Road, Isleworth.

Had 8 children - according to Aunt Hilda
Married twice - to William W Walker in 1914 - GRO Rec - 1914/6 Brentfor d 3a/270
2 children - William W R Walker(1914) and Sidney A Walker(1917)
Married William Dempster in 1919 - GRO Rec - 1919/12 Brentford 3a/445
Lived at 4 Plane St, Sydenham
Lived at 113 Worple Road, Isleworth.