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Hilda Gertrude Cooper

Born 26 MAY 1905, 3 Mill Lane, SYDENHAM, Kent
Died APR 2004, Norwich

Child of Walter Cooper and Elizabeth Mary Parmenter

Married Stanley John Wright, 1924
Children Stanley Wright, Kenneth Wright

Ancestor Chart

Birth Cert - 3 Mill Lane Sydenham, Father Occ - House Painter Journeyma n,
Had 2 sons - the eldest was in Pathfinder Squadron and was shot down an d killed over Essen at the last Christmas of the war(i e 12/1944). Youn gest son had 4 children - lives in Calgary, Canada.
Aunt Hilda was in touch with Auntie Dot's children - especially with Pa trick or 'PG' as she calls him. I met him sometime when I was over there - Bill took photo of me(Peggy), PG and Auntie Hilda.
Hilda - age 45 when husband died. Then went Thorpes Abbott. Had to live on capital raised by sale of house.
She lived on her own until she went into Rest Home in Norwich in April 2004( Reg 6391D/D39B/225/404 - where she died.