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Dorothy Frances Cooper

Born 2 JUN 1907, Lewisham
Died 3 APR 1971, St Andrews Hospital, Billericay, Essex

Child of Walter Cooper and Elizabeth Mary Parmenter

Married Frederick Morton

Married Wilfred George Willers, 1 DEC 1934, Camberwell
Children Peter John Willers, Pamela K Willers, Patrick George Willers

Ancestor Chart

Married Wilfred George WILLERS - had 3 children - Peter, Pamela and Pat rick. Dorothy was 14 when Elizabeth Mary PARMENTER(her mother) died.
Wilfred died on 15 July 1955.
Dorothy apparently got married again when she was in her 50s.
Dorothy lived in a cottage in Thorpes Abbott - Peter shown in photo wit h Willie Bray Cooper's family.
Married at Peckham. Address on marriage Cert - 33Sandison St Peckham.
Dorothy did outdoor catering - Lyons catering - Supervisor - Died at ag e 62 at St Andrews Hosp, Billericay, Essex. Address at death - Nurses H ome, Runwell Hosp, Runwell, Essex.