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Edward Cooper

Died 28 FEB 1899, Union Infirmary, Battersea

Child of Henry Cooper and Henrietta Baker

Married Sarah Sandaver, 12 SEP 1841, WANDSWORTH PARISH CH, SURREY
Children Frank Edward Cooper, Harry Fawcett Cooper

Married Maria Anne Bentham, 26 JUN 1853, All Saints Croydon, London
Children Ernest Charles Cooper, Annie Maria Cooper, Herbert William Cooper, Walter Cooper, Willie Bray Cooper, Alfred Cooper

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Entry from IGI:
Edward COOPER - International Genealogical Index/BIGender: M
Christening: 15 Jul 1821 Saint Leonards, Streatham, Surrey, England
1st Marr to Sarah Sandover 12 September 1841 at the Parish Church of Wa ndsworth.
Marriage Cert shows his age as full, Gardener, Bachelor, usual residenc e - Wandsworth, his father - Henry Cooper, Gardener. His wife shown as Sarah Sandover, full age, spinster, usual residence - Wandsworth, fath er - Robert Sandover, Gardener. Witnesses Mary Ann Clark, Whitfield Fos ter.
2nd Marriage to Maria Anne Bentham 26 June 1853.
Marr Cert of 2nd Marriage:Full Age and Widower, Gardener, Residence - C roydon, Father: Henry Cooper, Servant. His wife shown as Maria Anne Ben tham, full age, spinster, Croydon, father William Bentham, Tanner. Witn esses: Charles Cooper and Sarah Cooper (Edward's brother and his wife)
1841 Census: Hambly Court, Streatham, age 15. (ages were shown to the n earest 5 years in this census)
Living with him are his mother (as head of house) and his brother, Char les, age 20.
1851 Census: Mitcham Road, Streatham, age 29, Widow, Head of House, Ga rdener.
Living with him are Henrietta, his mother (a nurse) and his two sons - F rank, age8 and Harry, age 6.
1881 Census: 1 Malvern Terrace, Wells Lane, Streatham, age 63, Head of H ouse, Gardener.
Living with hims are Maria A, his wife, age 55, Painter, Walter, 19, Wi llie B, 16, Plumbers Labourer, and Alfred, 14, Labourer - his sons.
1899 A death record shows that he died on 28 February 1899, of Bronchit is, at Union Infirmary, Battersea. At the time of death he was living a t 108 Wellfield Road, Streatham. His age at death is given as 82.
Supposed to have lived for 100 years. This was a family legend as Will iam Ernest and Margaret Annie Cooper both reported meeting an old man w ith long beard who was a GreatGrandfather and was 100 years old around t he early 1920s.
March 1841 Census = 15, Actual = 19
March 1851 Census = 29, Actual = 29
March 1881 Census = 63, actual = 59
Feb 1899 Death Rec = 82, actual = 77.
1901 Census - He cannot be found.