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Sarah Sandaver

Died 1846, Streatham, Surrey

Child of Robert Sandaver and Frances Anne Sawyer

Married Edward Cooper, 12 SEP 1841, WANDSWORTH PARISH CH, SURREY
Children Frank Edward Cooper, Harry Fawcett Cooper

Ancestor Chart

Edward Cooper's first wife - 1841 Census age 20 - Dressmaker at parents home Mitcham Lane born in County - Surrey . St John The Baptist Croyd on
Edward Cooper was christened on 15 Jul 1821 at Saint Leonards, Streatha m, Surrey. In 1841 Edward married Sarah Sandaver (born in 1816)at the P arish Church, Wandsworth on 12 September 1841.
Sarah Sandaver
IGI shows Sarah Sandaver as being christened at St John the Baptist, Cr oydon on 30 June 1816.
1841 Census shows:
Sarah Sandaver, Age 20 - shown as a Dressmaker, at parents home Mitcham Lane, born in Surrey.
Her parents :
Robert Sandaver, age 55, Gardener, not born in Surrey
Frances Sandaver, age 45, not born in Surrey
Her brothers and Sisters:
James Sandaver, age 15, Shoe Maker, born in Surrey
Emma , age 12, Richard, 8, George, 6, William, 4 all born in Surrey.
In some records the surname is spelt - SANDOVER but in most it is shown as SANDAVER. Edward and Sarah had two children
Frank Edward Cooper, born in Mitcham Lane, Streatham on 20 November 184 2 Harry Fawcett(Faucit ?) Cooper, born in Mitcham Lane, Streatham on 2 S eptember 1844. It is assumed that Sarah died.