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Alexander E Robinson

Married Frances Martha Cooper, 1939, Aldershot

Ancestor Chart

Marriage - 1939/12 Cooper, Frances M , Aldershot, 2c/1007
Originally in the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, then volunteered f or the Parachute Regiment soon after the outbreak of WW2. One of the s urvivors of Arnhem(In his Battalion only 37 returned to England after t he battle out of 870). Prior to Arnhem he had served in North Africa, S icily and Italy. Later, after the War he served in the Middle East. H e finally retired from the Army in 1963, having received the MBE in 196 1. Retired in 1963 and bought Pales House, Kerswell, Cullompton, Devon.
Alexander E Robinson (Also known as "Chippie")
In September 1941 - Chippie transferred from the Highland Light Infantr y to join the "Paras" as soon as they relaxed the rules to include marr ied men. He was posted to North Africa and then was parachuted into Sic ily and onto the Anzio Beachead as the Allied Army fought its way north wards through Italy.
He was "dropped" at Arnhem as the British Army endeavoured to push behi nd the German front. Because of bad weather the Units that were parachu ted in were unable to be re-inforced and were just about wiped out by t he German forces. Out of 700 troops in 3rd Battalion Chippie was one of only thirty seven who survived. After Arnhem he was commissioned. Foll owing the end of the war he was posted from 1945 until 1948 to Palestin e. He was "demobbed" on his return to England in 1948. He was a Lieuten ant.
In 1951 he rejoined the Paras as a Private and was posted to Jordan on t he assassination of King Faisal. In 1956 he was a part of the British A rmy offensive to re-take control of the Suez Canal and was "dropped" at Suez.
In 1956 he was commissioned for a second time as a Quartermaster.
In 1962 he was awarded the MBE(Member of the British Empire) and in Mar ch 1963 he retired from the Army and on 5 June 1963 he purchased the ho use "Pales" which is a now a well preserved "Devon Long House" which da tes back to the 11th Century. Chippie spent many hours working on re-di scovering the house and its history.