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William W R Walker

Born 1914

Child of William Walter Walker and Daisy Cooper

Ancestor Chart

Lived at 4 Plane Street, Sydenham, Watchmaker
GRO Rec - 1914/12 Brentford 3a 161
Watchmaker by trade - had several children - Peggy
Thinks he was only 4 years older than her (she was born in 1921)
He came to visit just before he went to India when she was 14 (1935) - he was in the Army
Last heard of he was living in Sydenham in the house in which we were b oth born - 4 Plane St.
It was our Grandparents house - Mum's parents?
Marry Recs - 1936/6 Fillmore/Brentford 3a/443 - Katie D Fillmore?