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Rosetta Cooper

Born 1880, Streatham, London

Child of Herbert William Cooper and Emma Cooper

Married Unknown Unknown, 1905, Wandsworth

Ancestor Chart

1880 GRO Birth Index 1880/12 Cooper, Rosetta, Wandsworth 1d/735
Cooper Herbert W, Head, Marr, 21, Gardener, Born - Surrey Streatham
Cooper Emma, Wife, 20, Laundress, Born - Sussex, Horsham
Cooper Sarah A, Daur, 2, Born - Surrey Streatham
Cooper Rosetta, Daur, 6 Mths, Born Surrey Streatham
1901 Census - 25 Ellora Rd, Streatham
Cooper Herbert Wm, Head, Marr, 41, House Painter, Born - Surrey Streath am
Cooper Emma, Wife, 40, Born - Sussex, Horsham
Cooper Rosie A, Daur,20, Food Packer and Sorter, Born Surrey Streatham
Cooper Wm Chas E, Son, 13, Born Surrey,Streatham
1905 GRO Marriage Index 1905/12 Cooper, Rosetta, Wandsworth, 1d/1148