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Louisa Sophie Cooper

Died 30 JUL 1976

Child of Alfred Cooper and Louisa Harriet Parmenter

Married William Arthur Fletcher, 10 JAN 1921, CH HOLY SEPULCHRE, AUCKLAND
Children Joyce Fletcher, William Arthur Fletcher, Bruce Fletcher, Constance Miriam Fletcher, Evelyn Patricia Fletcher, Judith Anne Fletcher

Ancestor Chart

Accomplished needlewoman and knitter. There was a period between when h er father, Alfred Cooper was discharged from the British Army and when t hey emigrated to New Zealand when Louisa Sophie attended school at Stre atham. She received the King's Medal(silver) from the London County Co uncil 1910/1911 for punctual attendance and the Kings Medal(Gold) for a ttendance, cconduct and industry 1911/1912. Also gold and silver penda nt from Streatham National Schools for perfect attendance 1911/1912.