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Sarah Ann Elizabeth Bray

Born 1787

Married William Bentham, 21 MAR 1813, St Dunstan in the West, London
Children Maria Anne Bentham, Eliza Harriet Bentham, Mary Ann Bentham, Sarah A Bentham

Ancestor Chart

1851 Census -
Sarah Bentham - West Side Croydon Road, Streatham
Lodger, Widow aged 64, Monthly Nurse, born Finsbury, Middlesex.
Maria Bentham, Daughter, Unmarried, age 25, Sempstress, Dressmaker, bor n Walworth, Surrey
Eliza McCann, Granddaughter, Unmarried, age 8, Scholar, Old Kent Road, S urrey
The BRAY name mystery
The reason for three generations of a part of the Cooper family using t he name Bray as a second Christian name remained a puzzle but this has n ow been resolved. Willie Bray Cooper (Snr) acquired his middle name aft er his mother's mother. There is still some conjecture about some part o f the family originating in Scotland and some part in Ireland. In the 1 851 Census Sarah Bray shows her birth place as Finsbury, London but it i s possible that her family may have come from Ireland. William Bentham' s birth place is still unknown. A short Family Tree which shows the lin k between Sarah Bray and the Cooper family is displayed below.