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Emily Parsons

Born 19 OCT 1908, Streatham, London
Died 11 JUL 1979

Child of Edward Parsons and Annie Berry

Married William Henry Tullett, 28 JAN 1928, Beddington Parish Church, Beddington, Surrey
Children Raymond William Tullett, Stanley Arthur Tullett, Gordon Henry Tullett, Tracy Tullett, Joyce May Tullett, Doreen Rose Tullett, Alan Francis Tullett

Ancestor Chart

Younger sister of the twins Edward and Ena who were adopted out as todd lers when Annie Berry died. Adopted through the Doctor Barnardos Home o rganisation.
After Willie Bray Cooper(Snr) and Annie Berry separated - She had three children by Edward PARSONS - Emily, Edward and Ena(twins).
The twins (Edward and Ena) were born at 25 Fallsbrook Rd, Streatham.
Edward was born at 3.00am and Ena at 3.10am
Edward Parsons' people came from Seven Oaks in Kent and were farmers
Emily married William TULLETT. They had five children.
She was Willie Bray Cooper(Jnr)'s half-sister and lived in Mitcham
Emily's Birth Cert held - Shows mother as Annie Parsons (nee Berry) and father as Edward Parsons. Born at 25 Fallsbrook Rd Streatham.
Marry Cert held - Witnesses William John Tullett (Father?) and Stanley A rthur Tullett. Residence - North SurreySounds, Amesbury. Groom lived at 10 Wolesley Rd Beddington (Croydon)