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Ena Parsons

Born 26 DEC 1906

Child of Edward Parsons and Annie Berry

Ancestor Chart

Twin of Edward. Adopted out as toddlers when Annie Berry or Edward Par sons died. Adopted through the Doctor Barnardos Home organisation.
Adopted when Edward Parsons died - according to Wendy Archer.
After Willie Bray Cooper(Snr) and Annie Berry separated - She had three children by Edward PARSONS - Edward and Ena(twins) and Emily.
The twins (Edward and Ena) were born at 25 Fallsbrook Rd, Streatham.
Edward was born at 3.00am and Ena at 3.10am
Edward Parsons' people came from Seven Oaks in Kent and were farmers
Emily married William TULLETT. They had five children.
She was Willie Bray Cooper(Jnr)'s half-sister and lived in Mitcham