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James Parmenter

Born 1832, Bromley, Middlesex
Died 1876

Child of Branson Parmenter and Hannah Oakley

Married Sarah Ann Gaskin, 7 OCT 1855, Bromley St Leonards, Middlesex
Children Hannah Sophia Parmenter, Sarah Parmenter, Alice Matilda Parmenter, Elizabeth Mary Parmenter, Martha Parmenter, Alfred Parmenter, Louisa Harriet Parmenter, Leaya Parmenter, Sophia Parmenter

Ancestor Chart

Marital Status - Bachelor. Witnesses to marriage - John George Gaskin a nd Harriet Parmenter
Registry Office - Poplar.
1855 : Marr Cert: Full Age, Bachelor, Carpenter, Res. - Bromley, Fat her - James Bronson Parmenter(Deceased), Witnesses - John George Gaskin and Harriet Parmenter Addr at Marriage - 70 Flint St, Bromley.
He came from Bow (Peggy). He died at age 41( Aunt Hilda)
1881 Census:
Residence - 7 Danbrook Rd, Streathan, Surrey
Sarah Parminter, Head, Ironer, Widow, Age 45, born Bromley By Bow, Midd sx
Sarah Parminter, Dau, Boxmaker(WD) Unmarr, 21, born Millwall
Elizabeth Parminter, Dau, Factory India Rubber, 17, Bromley By Bow, Mid dsx
Martha Parminter, Dau, Factory India Rubber, 15, Bromley By Bow, Middsx
Alfred Parminter, Son, Labourer, 13, Bromley By Bow, Middsx
Leaya Parminter, Dau, Scholar, 9, Streatham, Surrey(Is this Louisa Har riet)
Sophia Parminter, Dau, Scholar, 7, Streatham, Surrey