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Albert Clifton

Born 20 JUN 1884, Lombard St., Palmerston North, NZ
Died 4 FEB 1974, Park Island Cem, Hastings, NZ

Child of Samuel Clifton and Eve Morgan

Married Winifred Eveline Stitson, 4 MAR 1908, Charles St, Westshore, Napier, NZ
Children Gordon Albert Clifton, Winifred Eveline Grace Clifton, Colin Samuel Clifton, Eileen Grace Clifton

Ancestor Chart

Albert Morgan Clifton was the second of the Clifton children - born at L ombard Street, Palmerston North on 20th June 1884.
Given the name of "Morgan" as a second christian name by his mother
He would have been about 7 years old when the family moved to Napier wh ere he would have attended the Wellesley Street school, before starting work at the Napier Woollen Mills.
Apart from a short spell when he worked in a Brewery, virtually the who le of his life Albert worked in the Napier Woollen Mills, first as a Sp inner and then as a certificated Stationary Engine driver. After marryi ng in 1908 he lived for most of his life in the house at 118 Charles St reet, Westshore, Napier. All of his children were born there and went t o the local school - Westshore Primary. In later years his grandchildre n came to visit him there on holidays. He seemed to defy the curse of c igarette smokers - lung cancer - and smoked "Roll-Your-Own" cigarettes r ight through to the end of his life. The biggest danger he appeared to b e in was not from cancer but from the chance of setting himself alight w ith the live ash that dropped from his cigarettes on to his cardigan.
For the last few years of his life he moved into a Resthome run by the L ittle Sisters of the Poor Order at Hastings. He was a very respectable a ge of 89 when he died on 4 February 1974 of Cerebral Arteriosclorosis.
Albert married Winifred Eveline Stitson on 4th March 1908 at "The home o f the Bride's parents" in Charles Street in Westshore, Napier with Aunt ie Edie as one of the witnesses. Both bride and groom were 22 - Albert a t that time was a spinner at the Napier Woollen Mills and Winifred a Dr essmaker.