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Ernest Clifton

Born 28 JUN 1889, WANGANUI. NZ

Child of Samuel Clifton and Eve Morgan

Married Amelia Prouse, 28 AUG 1915, METHODIST PARSONAGE NAPIER, NZ

Married Violet Jane McConnell, 24 JAN 1949, Napier, NZ

Ancestor Chart

Married twice but no children. Built a large Water-wheel
28 JUNE 1889 Born at Wanganui NZ Birth Cert.
28 AUG 1918 Married first wife...Amelia Prouse
Occupation - Painter Also served in NZ Army in First World War.
20 JAN 1948 First wife...Amelia Prouse dies
Cause of death..Carcinoma of breast (excised 18 Mths),Carcinoma of Spin e (6 Mths). NZ Death Cert.
24 JAN 1949
Married second wife ...Violet Jane Eden (Nee McConnell)
Occupation - Painter NZ Marriage Cert.
The last of Eve's seven children, Ernest was born in Aramoho, Wanganui i n 1889, just before the family moved to Napier. Like Arthur, his older b rother he was tall compared to Albert who would have been only about 5f t 4 in. He became a painter and lived with the family in Carlyle Street , Napier until he reached the age of 25 (1915), when he met and married Amelia Prouse (from Torquay, England), in Napier. They stayed at the f amily home until he joined the Army in 1917.
Amelia Prouse (1880 - 1948)
Amelia (Millie) was born in Torquay, England to William and Elizabeth C ook Prouse(nee Cridge) and travelled to New Zealand, with her parents, i n 1908 when she was 28 years of age. She married Ernest 8 years later w hen she was 35.
Ernest Morgan Clifton's Military Service:
On 19 September 1917 Ernest enlisted in the NZ Army at Napier and was p osted to Trentham Military Camp on 18 October 1917.
His Army record shows the following details on enlistment:
Regimental No 69834, Height: 5ft 10in, Weight 155lb.
Occupation: Painter, Address: Moeller St, Greenmeadows.
Employer: R.Holt Sons.
Next of Kin: Mrs A. Clifton, C/- Mrs M Kettle, Cobden Rd, Napier.
Enlisted for the Infantry, Age 28yrs + 3mths.
Chest: 32 to 37in, Complexion: Dark, Eyes: Grey.
Hair: Dark brown, Religion: Church of England.
He commenced Active Service on 16 April 1918, became part of the NZ Exp editionary Force and embarked on the ship "Willochra", at Wellington, o n 23 April 1918. He arrived and disembarked at Suez, Egypt on 31 May 19 18, where he was stationed at the Australian Camp. He was admitted to t he Government Hospital at Suez on 10 June 1918 suffering from Diarrhoea , where he stayed until he re-embarked on the "Ormonde"at Alexandria on 4 July 1918. He arrived at Fainza, Italy, and was admitted to the Mili tary Hospital there, once again suffering from Diarrhoea. He was discha rged from hospital on 26 August 1918. He arrived in Sling, (on the Sali sbury Plains) England on 5 September 1918. Admitted to Military Hospita l at Tidworth on 5 November 1918 with Influenza, discharged to Sling on 26 November and given 7 days light duty. He moved from a hut without p ermission and hesitated to obey a superior officer and was punished wit h 168 hours detention on 14 December.He left Sling for NZFA Ewshott on 2 2 Jan 1919 and on 25 February admitted to the Southern Government Hospi tal for chronic catarrh and discharged on 4 March. Moved to Sutton Cold field from hospital.
On 17 June 1919 he embarked on the ship "Briton" bound for New Zealand. He was discharged from the Army in New Zealand on 20 August 1919.
After leaving the Army he settled back into civilian life as a painter, with his wife Amelia (Millie) in Moeller Streeet, Greenmeadows.
Ernest was very skilful with his hands and is remembered for the sailin g ships that he built in bottles and the waterwheel that he constructed .
The waterwheel was constructed by Ernest at his property in Moeller Str eet, Napier. On his death in 1967 the wheel was presented to the Tarada le Rotary Club who in1970, approached the Napier City Council and sugge sted that it should be placed in either Taradale Park or Anderson Park. It was agreed that it should be placed on the lake at Taradale Park af ter being brought up to a suitable standard. The Napier City Council ag reed to it being sited in the Memorial Gardens at Taradale Park. It was constructed wholly of wood and was considered to be historic. In 1972 b y an arrangement between the City Council and the Rotary Club the wheel was illuminated at the times when it was operating.
Unfortunately the original one no longer exists and has been replaced b y a metal one.
One family legend has it that he made a model of the ship that brought h is father(Samuel) out to New Zealand. Another states that it was the Av alanche - which brought his mother and step-father to New Zealand. This was enclosed in a glass case and was a prized possession.
After suffering from breast cancer for two years, on 20 January 1948, A melia died of cancer of the spine. They had no children.
A year later, on 24 January 1949, Ernest married Violet Jane Eden(nee M cConnell) - known in the family as "Jenny Munn" (her first husband's na me). There were no children from this marriage either. His second wife d ied on 13 July 1959 of a stroke, in Napier Public Hospital, aged 71.
Ernest Morgan Clifton died of a heart attack on 27 August 1967, at the N apier Public Hospital, aged 78 and was buried at Park Island Cemetery o n 29 August 1967.