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Muriel Alma Clifton

Born 23 MAR 1906, Napier, NZ
Died 7 AUG 1982, Cremated, Hastings, NZ

Child of Arthur Clifton and Daisy Elizabeth Kirk

Married Hugh Hays Jones, 30 DEC 1931, Methodist Church, Hastings, NZ
Children Pamela Ann Hays Jones, Terrence Hugh Jones, Lesley Mary Jones

Ancestor Chart

Muriel Alma Clifton was born in Napier on 23 March 1906 and married Hug h Hays Jones on 30 December 1931. Hugh was born to Thomas and Laura Jon es(nee Hays) in Dunedin on 20 February 1909 and was employed as a Vulca niser when they married. They moved to 910 Caroline Rd, Hastings for th e next few years and then in 1937 they moved to 9 Paul Street Wairoa.
Then, after a spell spent in Wairoa, in 1949 they are shown living at 1 4 Leonie Terrace, Mount Albert, Auckland. At the end of World War 2 Hug h joined the National Airways Corporation (NAC). He flew on the Sunderl and Flying boats to the Islands ? Fiji and Norfolk Island. Then in late r years he flew the run between Auckland and Christchurch.
They remained at 14 Leonie Terrace, where they spend the years until Hu gh died at the age of 59 of Multiple Myeloma in 1968. He had worked in v arious occupations starting with Vulcaniser in Hastings when he married , a Bowser attendant in Wairoa in 1938 and at the start of the war, an A irman, a Flight Steward and a Civil Servant in Auckland.
They had three children, Pamela, born in Hastings on 10 December 1933, T errence, born in Wairoa on 30 October 1937 and Lesley, born in Wairoa o n 9 May 1942.
Muriel lived on for many years and died in 1982 at the age of 76 at Ata whai, Gloucester Street, Napier of a heart problem. She was cremated at Hastings.