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Eileen Grace Clifton

Born 23 JUN 1922, Napier, NZ
Died 19 DEC 2010

Child of Albert Clifton and Winifred Eveline Stitson

Married Douglas Henry Waugh, 29 NOV 1945, Napier, NZ
Children David Clifton Waugh, Warren Henry Waugh

Ancestor Chart

Eileen Grace Clifton born on 23 June 1922 at Charles Street, Westshore, Napier, married Douglas Henry Waugh on 29 November 1945 at Trinity Met hodist Church, Napier.
Douglas was a radio operator, an officer in the Merchant Navy, during t he Second World War between 1939 and 1945. He worked for Union Steamshi p Company and Eileen worked for the State Advances Corporation in Napie r, as a clerk, during the war. They met and married in
Napier and then moved to Nelson(Tahananui) From there they moved to Por irua where they set up and ran a Radio and TV repair shop. Later on the y moved back to Napier where Doug took up the building trade, building T own houses and where he also built their two houses on Hospital Hill - o ne of which became their home.
They had two sons, David Clifton - born in 1946 and Warren Henry - born in 1951.
The family settled in Napier and basically are still there except for t he younger generations wanderings overseas etc.