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Doreen Todkill

Born 20 FEB 1917, Middleton, Manchester, UK
Died 14 NOV 2000, "Watsonia" Hosp, Lower Hutt, NZ

Child of and Clara Todkill

Married Gordon Albert Clifton, 29 DEC 1937, St Marks Ch, Carterton, NZ
Children Robin Clifton, Gillian Margaret Clifton, Wendy Joyce Clifton, Anthony David Clifton

Ancestor Chart

Doreen was born at 667 Manchester Old Road, Middleton, Manchester, En gland. Her father was unknown and her mother would not reveal who he wa s. It is thought that it could have been a serviceman, stationed in Man chester, in camp preparing for embarkation to France and the Front line in the First World War. Her mother's father remarried and her mother, C lara, was persuaded to emigrate to NZ. Her emigration was sponsored by a Mr Baron. Doreen's Aunty "Gaggie" already lived in NZ.
Doreen travelled to NZ on the "Waimana" with her mother, arriving at W ellington on ANZAC Day(25 April) 1922.
She married at St Marks Church Carterton, Wairarapa on 29 December 1937 , at the age of 20.
Doreen travelled around NZ with her husband as he worked at different p laces. They settled for some time in Palmerston North, but she went ho me to her mother's place to have the children. they were all born at t he same nursing home, in Carterton. In19?? the family moved to Mastert on where they bought a house in River Road. Gordon worked at the Post O ffice, in the mail room and Doreen had part-time employment with Clarri e Gibbons, a caterer. She produced a lot of the food at home.
Buried at Clareville Cemetery, Carterton.
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