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Tracey Kim Shilton

Born 24 OCT 1973, Papatoetoe, NZ
Died 5 OCT 1996, Middlemore Hosp, Auckland

Child of Gary Arthur Shilton and Gillian Margaret Clifton

Ancestor Chart

Tracey trained as a nurse at Middlemore Hospital, Auckland and after so me experience she left New Zealand to obtain more experience overseas. S he and two friends, Michelle and ??????, travelled to Australia and mo ved into an apartment in Paddington, Brisbane, Queensland. They found j obs as Bureau nurses. One day she felt ill and stayed at the aparment w hen the others went to work. Michelle came home early and found that s he was sick and rushed her off to the nearest hospital, which was a pri vate one, where she was diagnosed as having Meningitis. Meningococcal S epticaemia developed and she became seriously ill very quickly. She wa s put onto a respirator but the illness progressed so rapidly that the s urgeons were forced to amputate her legs because the infection was gene rating gangrene. It was decided to amputate both legs above the knees. G illian and Gary Shilton, her parents, flew to Brisbane. It was difficu lt because their passports had expired but it was arranged and they had to travel to Wellington, first, to pick up the new passports at the In ternal Affairs Department in Boulcott Street. Tracey was moved to Mate r Hospital, Brisbane, because it was a part private and part public, an d then later on to Royal Brisbane Hospital, a fully public Hospital. Le igh and Megan, Tracey's sisters, together with Scott, Leigh's husband, t ravelled over and stayed at the motel with Gillian and Gary. Tracey's s ituation deteriorated but the surgeons held out hope that although she w ould have serious problems later, she would survive. One eye was virtua lly blind and there was a possibilty that her kidneys would not functio n. Her transfer to Auckland was arranged and there was still hope that she would come through it, although there was now mention that she mig ht have to lose her arms. After her arrival at Auckland an assessment w as carried out and it was decided to bring her out of the respirator in duced coma so that she could participate in a decision about her future . It was agreed by all, including Tracey, that she should be taken off t he respirator. Members of the family gathered at her bedside and said t heir farewells during the final minues of her life.