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David McKinnie

Born 23 MAR 1909, Belfast, Ireland
Died 22 AUG 1979, Cremated, Hastings, NZ

Child of William McKinnie and Martha Harper

Married Winifred Eveline Grace Clifton, 17 DEC 1929, Napier NZ
Children Reginald David McKinnie, Gordon Colin Albert McKinnie

Ancestor Chart

DAVID MCKINNIE - BDM REF...MARR 1929/10271. Shown on Reg's Birth Cert a s 17/12/1929.
Cause of Death - Ischaemic Heart Disease. Occ - Transport/Contractor Ow ner
Winifred Eveline Grace Clifton was born on 2nd September 1909 at Westsh ore, Napier and married Dave McKinnie in 1929 at Napier. Dave was born i n Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1910 to William McKinnie, a Brass Moulde r, and Martha Harper. He emigrated to New Zealand in 1925, at the age o f 16.
Winnie and Dave met at the Westshore movies where Dave was the projecti onist. Apparently Winnie was very attracted to the tall dark Irishman a nd confessed to flicking a lollie paper at him (to catch his attention) which became caught up in the film projector ? the rest is history.
They married and lived at 120 Charles Street, Westshore.
Their two sons were Reginald David born in1930 and Gordon Colin Albert ( known as "Jum")in 1933
Eventually they moved to Main Road, Westshore adjacent to the Airport.
The two sons, Reg and Jum had left school by this time and worked for t he family timber and cartage business.
During the early years of their marriage Dave was employed as a Watersi de worker. He was a Wharfie in 1932 when the boat "Doris" was sunk and 1 0 workers were killed (see previous notes about Robert William Martin a nd the "Doris Disaster"). He was due to go on the boat but didn't becau se he was feeling ill. The Police, believing that he was on the boat, c alled at his home with the intention of informing his wife (Winnie) tha t he was missing - but were told that he was in bed, sound asleep.
During the strike of 1950 he didn?t return to his job as a Wharfie.
Owing to this strike Reg who had been employed by the firm ? T G Smith C arriers refused to cart fruit to the wharf and also left his job.
Dave and his son, Reg, then started a wood business with a car and trai ler. They eventually bought an Austin truck which they used for carting slab wood for firewood. They gradually added further trucks, so enabli ng them to diversify their business to contracts for Public works, phos phate, metal and roading. Eventually they formed the Company of D and R McKinnie in which they employed 64 staff and 90 odd items of Plant. Th e Company was involved in many different aspects of the development of N apier City, suburbs and Hawke?s Bay Works and Roading.
Dave and Winnie lived in Napier until Dave died in 1979 and Winnie in 1 989 Their sons and later generations have continued in the business whi ch is still flourishing.