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William Edwin Martin

Born 14 SEP 1907, Western Spit, Napier
Died 19 JUN 1987, Hastings Crematorium, , NZ

Child of Robert William Martin and Lillie Clifton

Married Joyce Margaret Jefferson, 14 SEP 1933, St Paul, Wairoa, NZ
Children Valerie Edith Martin, Cynthia Gayle Martin, Wilma Vivien Martin, Marcia Lesley Martin

Ancestor Chart

Stayed in Wairoa after his mother died and worked for Williams & Kettle , becoming a Company Manager
Occ: Co. Manager
William Edwin Martin, born on 14 September 1907 at Western Spit, Napier , married Joyce Margaret Jefferson on 14 September 1933.
Joyce Margaret Jefferson was born on 19th November 1903 at Wairoa. She w as the daughter of Robert Ewan Jefferson who was a sheep farmer origina lly from Cumberland in England ? and Jessie Emma Jefferson (nee Eastwoo d). Joyce had worked for Solicitors and other clerical work before bein g married. In 1943 Joyce and Bill bought a grocery Dairy at North Clyde , known as Martin?s Corner which she ran until about 1962. The business took all of her time to run and she had very little time to pursue her interests in sketching and piano playing. During the war her children h ad to help out at night by counting the butter, tea and sugar ration co upons. Once they retired they were able to relax and enjoy life more an d travelled each year around New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Norfolk Isla nd, Malaysia etc.
William Edwin Martin (known as Bill) started work at Williams and Kettl e (an Agricultural Servicing Company) at the age of 16 in Wairoa (just b efore his mother died) and stayed with them for 49 years until 1972, wh en he retired, having been the Wairoa manager for the previous10 years. Over that time he had been offered advancement in other towns but had t urned these down to stay in Wairoa.
He was a great sportsman in his younger days, being a Wairoa representa tive in rowing. He played rugby and bowls ? becoming the President of t he Wairoa Bowling Club. In his work he and two of his colleagues were r enowned for their handwriting and Williams and Kettle?s ledgers were a p icture to look at. During the 1931 earthquake (when Napier was virtuall y destroyed) he noticed a house burning and remarked upon it ? only to f ind that it was the house in which he was a boarder and he lost all of h is possessions. He participated in the community, becoming a North Clyd e School Committee member and a Mason. His services to the Masons were r ewarded with a 50 year jewel.