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Evelyn Grace Solomon

Died 20 AUG 2005, ST JOHN Wood Home, Taupo

Child of William John Solomon and Caroline Kathrine Sorenson

Married Stanley Raymond Martin, 7 AUG 1937, ST GILES CH, KILBIRNIE, WN
Children Peter Graham William Martin, Stanley Trevor Martin, Carol Ann Martin, Grace Gay Martin, Joy Katherine Martin, Neil Regg Martin

Ancestor Chart

At birth previous Issue of parents - Males aged 21,17,4...Females 23,13 ,6 - Parents address: 84 Adelaide Rd,Wellington
Stanley Raymond Martin was born on 7 May 1910 at Napier. When he was 14 years old his mother Lillie Morgan Clifton died and her step-sister, E dith Phillips took Stanley in and he stayed with her, in Napier, and tr ained as a Plumber, first as an Apprentice and then obtaining his Maste r Plumbers Ticket.
Stan travelled down from Napier to Wellington to get work in 1937. He g ot work with a Plumber and was up a Steeple when an earthquake struck. W hilst on this job he helped to move a lodger into Mrs Solomon's house, i n Kilbirnie, where he met her daughter,
Evelyn Grace Solomon.
Six months later they were engaged. On 7 August 1937 they were married a t St Giles Church, Kilbirnie.
Grace died at the age of 89 in Taupo in a Rest Home, close by her young est son Regg.
They had four children, Valerie Edith, born in 1934; Cynthia Gale, born in 1935; Wilma Vivien, born in 1937 and Marcia Lesley born in 1940.
William Edwin died on 19 June 1987 at the age of 79 and was cremated at the Hastings Crematorium and his ashes were buried later with his wife in the Wairoa Cemetery. Joyce died at the age of 91 on 30th May 1995.
Grace was born on 13th October 1915 to William John Solomon, a Carter ? originating from Cornwall ? and Caroline Kathrine Solomon(nee Sorenson ), originating from Denmark.
After their marriage they set up house in the house on the hill (31 Hou ghton Bay Road).
In about 1941 Stan went into partnership with Ted Morgan, a welter weig ht boxer, who went to the Amsterdam Olympics in 1928 and won New Zealan d's first Olympic Gold medal in its own right. They set up business rig ht up the top of Cuba Street, Wellington.
In 1945/6 Stan and Grace travelled to Otaki, where they set up a Plumbe r's shop in the Main Street, in partnership with Bill Creighton. They w ere in business for ten years in Otaki until Stan suffered a hurt knee a nd had to give up his own business. After this he went to Murapara and t hen to Wairakei to get work whilst Grace stayed in Otaki, rearing the c hildren. In 1949 he joined the Ministry of Works and in 1950 applied to go to the South Pole - but didn't go in the end. They moved to Trentha m and Porirua and Stan was promoted - first to Inspector of houses and t hen later to the Top Overseer for the whole of New Zealand. Stan retire d in 1975 and they moved to Foxton.
They had five children. Peter Graham William born in 1938; Stanley Trev or, born in 1941; Carol Ann, born in 1945; Grace Gay, born in 1949 (who died in 1973)and Neil Regg, born in 1959.
Stan died on 5 November 1981 at the age of 71, when they were living at 36 Avenue Road, Foxton. Grace moved to Levin in 1990 and is still livi ng in her own home. She is one of only four left in the family from the third generation.