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Marriott Clifton

Born 19 JUL 1886, Derby St, Westport
Died 6 MAR 1964, Karori Cemetery, Wellington

Child of Benjamin Clifton and Susan Lecher

Married Alma Sophie Ralph, 17 AUG 1911, DERBY SY, WESTPORT
Children Sadie Elizabeth Clifton, Lavinia Alma Clifton, Susan Ailsa Clifton, Alison Clifton, John Marriott Clifton, Ivan Ralph Clifton, Arnold James Clifton

Ancestor Chart

Karori Memorial Headstones record in NZ National Library.
Electoral Roll 1011 - Westport - Fireman
Electoral Roll 1928 - Hutt - Sydney Street, Petone
Electoral Roll 1935 - 26 Happy Valley Road - Wife Alma and father Benja min
lived Happy Valley until 1954/57