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Francis Stitson

Born 1856, Plymouth, Devon
Died 1936, Napier, NZ

Child of William Stitson and

Married Grace Taylor, 8 NOV 1883, Registry Office, Plymouth, UK
Children Winifred Eveline Stitson, Francis Samuel Taylor Stitson

Ancestor Chart

FRANCIS STITSON (1856 - 1936)8 November 1883 : Married Grace TAYLOR, hi s age 27, Gardener, Bachelor, addr Buckwell St Plymouth - witnesses Sus an and Jane TAYLOR.
Eveline Stitson was born to Grace Stitson on 26 May 1885 in the small D evonshire village of Plymstock.One of Grace's sisters, Emily married Th omas Page.
The two husbands, Francis Stitson and Thomas Page travelled to New Zeal and sometime before 1888. There appears to be no trace of their trip to NZ. It is possible that they paid for their own fares or travelled out as crew on board a ship. The two wives, Grace Stitson and Emily Page t ravelled out to NZ under the the NZ Government?s immigration scheme and their trip is recorded in NZ National Archives. They travelled out wit h their children, Winifred Stitson, Ada Page and Seymour Page. They tra velled on the ship Tongariro which left Plymouth on 7 April 1888 and ar rived in Wellington, NZ on 19 May 1888. It is recorded that they were d estined to their husbands for Taranaki, NZ on landing. On 2 September 1 889 Francis Samuel Taylor Stitson was born in New Plymouth.
According to Clifton family legend, the two families (Stitson and Page) travelled to Canada shortly after arriving in New Zealand - where they tried salmon fishing. There appears to be no evidence to prove this bu t there were some photos which seemed to suggest that they went to Cana da. Their stay in Canada was obviously fairly brief as it would appear t hat they were living in Napier around 1893. This is indicated by a phot o which was taken in a studio in Dickens Street in Napier when Francis S amuel Taylor Stitson was a very young boy. After this they first appear in NZ records with Emily on the 1896 Electoral Roll, living in Thacker ay Street, Napier. In 1897 the Pages were living in Western Spit(Westsh ore), Napier where they were joined by Francis and Grace Stitson in 189 9.
Francis Stitson was employed as an engineer at the Freezing Works situa ted at the far end of Westshore where all of the boats ferried the meat out to the overseas ships. After work he cycled to Greenmeadows where h e grew vegetables. They lived in Charles Street, Westshore - Grace dyin g in 1929 and Francis in 1936.
Both of the children married and settled in Napier, with Winifred marry ing Albert Clifton in 1908 and Francis marrying Claire Wilkinson in 191 8.