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Grace Taylor

Born 1857, Plymstock, Devon
Died 1929, Napier, NZ

Child of Samuel Harris Taylor and Jane Taylor

Married Francis Stitson, 8 NOV 1883, Registry Office, Plymouth, UK
Children Winifred Eveline Stitson, Francis Samuel Taylor Stitson

Ancestor Chart

Eveline Stitson was born to Grace Stitson on 26 May 1885 in the small D evonshire village of Plymstock.One of Grace's sisters, Emily married Th omas Page.
Travelled to NZ with baby daughter Winifred Eveline STITSON - "Tongari ro" 1888 - Nat Arch Ref IM 15/489 - travelled with sister Emily Page an d her daughter and son Ada and Seymour Page.
Husband Francis STITSON and Tom Page travelled out ahead - later they w ent to Canada(family legend - no research done) - photos of them in Can ada.
GRACE TAYLOR (1856 - 1929)
Grace was one of five sisters who were born in Brixton Coombe, Devonshi re to Samuel and Jane Taylor. They had a brother Samuel who was a sailo r. The sisters were Sarah(Yabsley), Emily(Page), Susan and Louisa(Coad) .
She married Francis Stitson 8 November 1883 : 27, Gardener, Bachelor, a ddr Buckwell St Plymouth - witnesses Susan and Jane TAYLOR.
Grace Taylor?s family in England kept in touch with those sisters in Ne w Zealand as the following letters show.
The following is a verbatim, typed, copy of one of the letters received . It is from Jane Taylor, the mother of the Taylor sisters to her daugh ter, Grace Stitson and her husband Frank. It records the death of her h usband - Samuel Taylor. The black edging to the letter was customary in those days when a death had occurred. The letter was written in 1902.
Brixton Coombe
August 14 192
Dear son and daughter in answer to my last letter i hope by this time y ou are well i was glad to hear the rest wher all well sorry to say i am not well but much better my love to win (Winifred) i received her lett er all right i thank you very much for it i will to her next it was twe lve months ago to day father died been abel to rite since we are having a very cold and whet summer corn is not ripe potaties deseased very ba d every thing backward susan bill and family are well the ????? is on t he road dont nowse i told you luesi is well
hopeing this will find all well i must close with love to you frank and the children good by dear ones from your affectionate mother
J Taylor please excuse this scribel hop to do better next
The following is a typed copy of the original letter which was from the sisters, Sarah (Yabsley) and Louisa to her sister and brother-in-law - Grace and Frank Stitson. It records the death of their mother - Jane T aylor.
Brixton Coombe
Aug 23 1906
Dear Sister, Brother
Just a line in answer to your letter there is not much news but I know y ou are like me always glad to get a letter I am glad you are getting on alright & trust this will find you all well as we are ourselves at pre sent all but Dick he has had a return of the fits again as long as he i s taking that Cryerine he is better but it is expensive I could not sen d after more when his bottle was empty he was only without a week they r eturned he haves a bottle every fortnight he has been taking it 6months now it is 4/6 a bottle not quite as expensive as the Dr it seems to do him more good I must try to keep it on some way if it only stops it fo r the time I am so afraid of his brain it is a great trial but I suppos e there is something for us all there is a lot of sickness around here n ow 2 children died in Brixton in a week or so of dyptheria I hope it wo nt spread it is a awful thing we are having funny weather it is awful f oggy then it seems to be scalding hot the harvest is very late there is not much corn saved yet the fog makes it so wet I think it very unheal thy what awful earthquakes they are having ??? do you feel the effects o r is it ??? way near you my dear we should be very glad to see you if y ou were to come but I am afraid you will not come home now our darling m other is gone
It does seem hard to go in not see her there but still we must be conte nt to know she is better off you say about some of them coming out if a ny of them made up their mind to come I should not try to stop them but you know my dear we all like to have them near us if they were away I s hould be like Dear mother I should not see them again but still you mus t be thankful to know you always wrote helped her all you could she did not want for anything She was always saying they dear maidens write bu t Sam dont I do think he was very unkind but its too late to be sorry n ow he has not even answered my letter I have not heard from them since C hristmas time had a letter from his wife so I dont think its her fault b ut never mind my dear
I must bring this to a close with fond love from all
give our love to Em (Emily Page)family hope they are all well
with love from your loving sisters
S Yabsley (Sarah) love to al from Louisa