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Liam Anthony Webster

Born 24 MAR 2005, London

Child of Paul Webster and Megan Louise Shilton

Ancestor Chart

Attached are the first photos of Liam who arrived on the 24th of March v ia c
section (I hated every minute of it!). The photos show his hair as bei ng a bit
reddy - it had just been washed and so was shiny, it actually a nice li ght
brown, at the moment anyway.
We just got him home today and he is lovely, only 6lb (2 and a half wee ks
early). Paul and I are besotted. He is so much like Paul, a fact conf irmed by
Pauls Mum.
C section came about because he was breech and I had high (well, still d o) blood
pressure and scan showed he was a bit small. My waters broke early oth erwise he
would have been born on the 30th.
We have got him home, gave him his first bath and he is asleep in his M oses
Basket, the photos show him on Granny Websters lap. Could be in for an
interesting night if he doesn't wake soon!