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Saskia Tiger Cooper

Born 24 APR 2004, Sydney, Australia

Child of Scott Clifton Cooper and Melinda Jane McTaggart

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The description of Saskia's arrival as written by her mother:
Mindy, Scott and Miles, welcomed Saskia Tiger Cooper into their family
at 7.30am, last Saturday morning, 24/4/04.(Eastern Australian Time)
She weighed in at 2670g, or 5lb 14oz.
Arriving 7 days early, she was delivered by an ambulance officer, on
South Dowling Street, Sydney, following a 2 hour labour (...mmmm... dea th
cries). We journeyed on to the Royal Women's Hospital, all enjoying our
first ambulance ride.. with sirens, so Miles was suitably impressed.
Mindy sustained no injuries besides shock and extreme tiredness from
such an intense ordeal, and Saskia although small seems in perfect
nick... she even passed the hearing test well.
All are home happily settling into family life. Although only a week
early, I feel like Saskia caught us a bit off guard! Miles was 10 days
late, and a fair size babe, with an 18 hour (8hrs active) labour. Have
you ever heard of a babe that arrived with such a short labour from
start to finish? No time for considerations such as how dilated? or
which drugs? Not sure if short is really a better sort of delivery!
I think the words
will be indelibly engraved in my mind for life, furthermore, I will
never again have a shower without thinking Saskia was about 1 minute
short of being delivered there, instead of in an ambulance outside our